Frequently asked Questions

qLooking for different type of capacitors for filtering noise and output, storing & charging energy?

We have many different capacitors types such as Ceramic Capacitors, Electrolytic Capacitors (or E-cap), Tantalum Capacitors, Polyester Film Capacitors, Polypropylene Capacitors, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Disc Capacitors, etc. If you have any specific requirement, you may drop us a message so that we can source the right product fit for your project requirement with no minimum quantity.

qWhere can I purchase, source or buy capacitors and resistors in small quantity (qty) or small volume such as 200pcs, 500pcs, or 1000pcs (1Kpcs)?

For small volume or quantity (qty) purchase of different type of capacitors or resistors, one of the best capacitors’ and resistors’ supplier or vendor to recommend, is to go to (Selectech Pte Ltd). Selectech provides a one stop sourcing solution to ensure that no quantity is ever too small or too big. It also takes many years of experience to provide sourcing solutions for various electronic components and Selectech takes pride in being quick and responsive to all enquiries.

qLooking for different type of resistors for current limiter, voltage control in circuits?

We have numerous resistors types such as carbo film resistors, tetal film resistors, thin film chip resistors, thick film resistor networks, low ohmic (or low impedence) resistors, chip resistors array (convex or concave types), MELF resistors, flame proof resistors, miniature metal film resistors, fusible rersistors, metal oxide (MO) resistors, wirewound (SQP,SQM) resistors, metal Clad wirewound resistors.

qSearching for reliable, trusted, best and good service for capacitors and resistors suppliers and vendors?
Answer Pte Ltd) is where you may inquire or request. They are one of the most reliable, trusted and highly experience suppliers that you may go to. They have a strong network of direct manufacturers, authorised components partners and purchasing experts in many countries including Taiwan and China. Selectech distributes over 10,000 ready stock items of components. Their brand range includes TDK, Murata, AVX, Taiyo Yuden, Walsin, Yageo, KOA, Bourns, Rubycon, Sanyo, NEC, Erocore, SL-TEK, ETR, SJE, Cinetech, LEDTECH, Chilisin, Fuzitec and many more. The company also provides a variety of value-added services including 'kitting the component' requirement of customers and furnishing contract manufacturing services.

qLooking or find urgent stocks, (or ex-stocks), stockist, stocks suppliers (vendors) for capacitors, resistors?

Selectech Pte Ltd is a trusted supplier that is fast, reliable and innovative. They are quick and responsive to enquiries, dependable and always here for you and able to source for a component design to suit your needs. Their procurement and shipping process allows for timely delivery. Their shipping department has more than 12 years of experience and can meet any special packing requirement. Selectech has expertise in consolidating the shipment and sending it to customer as per their production schedule.


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